Home Business in Australia

This site is dedicated to providing free information about working from home in Australia.  There are no opportunities, promises, schemes or anyway to make money on this site.  It's purely information about how to help you run a home business in Australia.

I made this site because I've had over 20 years experience working at home.  Much of my type of experience won't be found in books or courses or Government websites. Most of the things I tell you, I found out by taking action and finding out what worked, what didn't and what didn't cause me to be put in jail. That's a big one for me.

There is nothing for sale on this site and there are no money making schemes.

Sometimes I may link or refer you to other resources.  That does not mean I endorse those resources.

The big thing to remember when thinking about starting a home business or in fact any type of business is that it's mighty hard work, takes lots of guts and is very risky. On the other hand so is everything worth having in life right?

If you didnt know what to answer to that then you are definitely in the wrong place and should stick to having a job.